Freya! O Queen Freya! 

Freya, Oh Freya,
Your heart broke in two,
One for me born to you
Caged in casket, to the rule.

Freya, O Freya!

Where’s the mirror on the wall ?
That crowned your sister prettiest of all
Until when it not, and you could freeze all.

Freya, O Queen Freya,

Call me your son, I bow to you,
Your malaise gives you powers
A tap of your finger, what cannot freeze, I wonder.

Bring in winter, hold the spring,
The fall. Let not a flower blossom
Let not air contaminate with love.

See what that bloody thing did to you,
“Love makes you weak,” you echo your sister,
Freezing every heart that dared to blossom.

Freya, O Queen Freya,

Here’s the mirror you seek,
Spell bound, wrathful, satanic
Sister you release – perchance.

Freya, Queen Freya,

Mercy! Kill us all as we stand as one,
Against the wrath that she unsleashes,
Two lives, one frozen, other pierced.

Freya, Queen Freya,
Condolences only you receive.

Freya, O Dear Freya,

In our hearts you shall live,
This unfrozen spring as we sin to love
Unfrozen birds sing ” Aye Aye our queen!”

© Rahul Mall

Sidenote : This poem is a humble attempt at encapsulating all that’s about The Huntsman: Winter’s War (movie) wherein Freya is a Queen.
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